"The staff is so caring and compassionate...they had a genuine concern for <my daughter> and her parents as well!  It was and still is very comforting to me knowing our daughter is in such good hands."

— Renee, Mokena


"I feel very respected and greeted very professionally each time I come in.  I feel that the staff knows me and <my daughter> well -- we aren't just a name or number."

— Amy, Mokena


"...your Kindergarten class goes way beyond the public school's Kindergarten class. I'm overly happy with your program."

— TRCC Parent


"The staff also clearly loves to work with children. I feel my son is safe, loved, and cared for with your staff.  I appreciate that the staff take time to tell me about <my son's> day, and everything is ready promptly when I pick him up.  All staff are very professional."

— Alicia, Joliet


"Triple R has always been the best place for my daughter.  From daycare to kindergarten to after-school care, we've utilized it all in the past 4 1/2 years, and couldn't be happier!"

— Meghan, Mokena


"We attribute a lot of our daughter's great mannerisms, social ability and learning ability to Triple R.  It has been a great environment and family for our daughter to grow up with for almost four years."

— Christina, Frankfort


"I would and have recommended Triple R Child Care to anyone who has an infant to school-age child.  The staff is top quality and you always feel like they are putting your child's needs first."

— Trish, Frankfort

Can we meet the teachers?

Our directors and administrators are always available for each and every parent. If you desire a conference with your child's teacher, just notify our director. Additionally, we offer open houses and conferences from time to time.

Can we see the building?

Absolutely! We know most parents have a busy schedule, so you don't even need an appointment!  The only time we can't show the building is during lunch and nap time, which is from noon to 2:30.  All visitors will be required to show photo ID for security purposes.

Does Triple R Child Care have a security system?

Yes, the doors to the center are locked. Access to the building is provided once proper identification has been verified.

What if my child is sick or gets sick during the day?

Parents will be called to pick up children who become ill. Children absent due to a contagious disease may not return to school until a signed statement from a physician is received indicating that the child is no longer contagious.

Do I still have to pay tuition if my child is absent?

Because DCFS requires us to maintain our student/staff ratios, we plan our staff's work schedules based on the days your child is scheduled to attend. If your child is absent, due to sickness or other reasons, we still require payment for the days you are signed up for. This policy is standard at most licensed daycare providers.

What about scheduled vacations?

If your child is a full-time student (attends 5 days/week), you receive vacation rate tuition for two weeks per year after attending Triple R for six months. Vacation rates are half the normal weekly tuition. Part-time students (less than 5 days/week) are not eligible for vacation rate tuition.

Is there a minimum number of days my child can attend?

We require a two day per week minimum for our students. We've found that children adjust better to the enivironment if they're here for at least two days. For preschoolers, we encourage parents to enroll for at least three days, in order to give their child enough time to learn the material in our curriculum.

Do you practice fire/tornado drills?

We practice our drills once a month to ensure that the children are familiar what to do in the event there was an emergency.

Are you closed for holidays?

Yes, we are closed for the following holidays, so that our staff has some well-deserved time off! We are closed for New Years Eve and New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

What is the drop off/pick up procedure like?

The procedure during drop off and pick up is as follows: Parents are expected to bring their child into the center, see that they are under proper supervision and sign the sign-in sheet before leaving the premises. If you become aware that your child will be picked up by someone who is not on your release form, you must inform administration in writing. If your pick up person changes, proper notification to administration must be made. The person picking up your child will be required to show a picture I.D. and sign their name on the sign out sheet. Upon pick up you must stop at the front desk and sign the sign out sheet before proceeding to your childs classroom or if you like, the desk will call your child to the front entrance while you wait.

How do we know if the center needs to close for some reason?

Triple R Child Care works in connection with WGN (AM 720, Channel 9) and the Emergency Closing Center. This is accessible via the Internet and by telephone. You can also call our main phone number, and will be informed of closings via the voice mail message.