Triple R Child Care provides transportation for children who are enrolled in all day sessions at public schools. This includes Kindergarten: children must be enrolled in an all day kindergarten session. Triple R does not drop off or pick up for half-day kindergarten sessions.

The following schools are on our current schedule:

Mokena (Dist. 159):
Mokena Elementary
Mokena Intermediate
St. Mary Catholic School

Summit Hill (Dist. 161):
Dr. Julian Rogus Elementary
Frankfort Square Elementary
Arbury Hills Elementary
Indian Trail Elementary
Hilda Walker Middle School

Frankfort (Dist. 157C):
Grand Prairie Elementary
Chelsea Intermediate

New Lenox (Dist. 122):
Arnold J. Tyler Elementary
Spencer Pointe Elementary
Nelson Prairie Elementary
St. Jude Catholic School

Manhattan (Dist. 114):
Wilson Creek Elementary

If your school is not on the list, please contact us for availability. We may have room in our schedule to add another stop, depending on the school's start and dismissal times.

Our Preschool Program

Triple R provides preschool from 8:30 to 11:30 AM every morning. Preschool is an integral part of our all-day childcare program. Our curriculum begins at the infant stage and continues through school-age. We provide age appropriate learning based on the needs of the individual child, preparing your child both academically and socially for kindergarten and elementary school.

The basis of our children's curriculum is the Pinnacle curriculum from ChildCare Education Institute. This curriculum helps us ensure that every classroom is meeting the children's needs, abilities, and interests. Below are some of the concepts the children work on in our preschool program. (Note: this list is not all-inclusive, but will give you a general idea of the topics covered.)

Three-Four Concepts:

  • Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, brown, purple, black, pink, gray and white
  • Shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, octagon, heart, star and moon
  • Counting 1-50
  • Recognizing Numbers 1-20 and begin to write most of the numbers 0-10
  • Graphing
  • Large Motor Skills: hopping, skipping, throwing a ball, catching a ball, marching, walking backwards, forward and backward somersaults, and balancing on a balance beam
  • Name recognition of first and last name
  • Tracing first and last name and begin to write first name
  • Simple dot-to-dot
  • Positions in space: In/Out, On/Off, Over/Under, Top/Bottom, Near/Far, Behind of/In front of
  • Begin to work on cutting skills
  • Days of the week
  • Phone number and address
  • Birthday
  • Body Parts
  • Senses
  • Manners and Social skills



  Pre-Kindergarten (Four-Five) Concepts:

  • Review all colors and shapes
  • Review numbers 1-10
  • Counting 1-100, counting by 10's to 100, and by 5's to 50
  • Simple adding and subtracting
  • Money
  • Writing and recognizing numbers 1-25
  • Graphing, sequencing and patterns
  • Large motor skills: skipping, marching, hopping, catching and throwing a ball, balancing on a beam, forward and backward somersaults, galloping and kicking a ball
  • Phone numbers and addresses
  • Birthday
  • Directions (left, right)
  • Alphabet: recognizing Aa-Zz, upper and lower case, writing upper and lower case letters and the phonics of each letter in the alphabet
  • High-Frequency words: One, two, three, four, up, down, yes, no, red, blue, yellow, and, me, it, go, stop, the, see
  • Rhyming words
  • Printing first and last name